Everybody loves a delicious juicy burger! We’ve created our own version of this all time favorite by adding duck, marinaded in gorgeous fresh herb blends. Approachable upscale food with respect for animal and nature is what we believe in. Without a doubt the best burger on wheels!

We need to talk about the ducks!

Working with local products is a part of our vision and we managed to do so. Fluffy hand crafted brioche rolls from a French bakery in Leiden, duck straight from the Veluwe and creamy cheese toppings from the local cheese shop. Rich flavors combined with high end ingredients are our recipe for a great taste.


We’re always ready to party! A wedding, reception, informal company celebration or festival, you name it. Next to our variation of duck burgers we also serve roast duck salads, confit duck leg, mini burgers and vegetarian duck burgers. Click here to apply for an offer


Helaas, er zijn op dit moment nog geen evenementen gepland.

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